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Immanuel Kindergarten

Immanuel Kindergarten was founded in the 1980s to serve the young children of Yei in South Sudan. A long civil war intervened and the children and familes became refugees in Uganda. When they eventually returned to Yei nearly 20 years later with very few belongings a priority was to re open the Kindergarten. The roof was falling in and inside was dark and dreary. The Immanuel Kindergarten charity was founded to work in partnership with the families of Yei to build a new school .

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New Classroom Block

Carolyn visited Yei in August and was delighted to meet some new members of the team who are making an amazing contribution to the children’s education. It was exciting to see our first Primary 1 class in action (equivalent of year 3 in UK).  By the end of November 2023 the school will have completed its first academic year as a Primary School. When the next academic year starts in January a Primary 2 class will open.  This is all very exciting despite the challenges that the school continues to face, not least needing desks for the primary children.
Meanwhile we were able to re purpose the small office into a resource library and the bookshop project is now complete. The buildings were opened in October and welcomed  the first customers. The proceeds will be used for the day to day running of the school as well  as helping to give the children a meal each school day.
Thank you for your ongoing support in giving these young children the best possible start in life.

Primary 1 children
Baby Class
The new Library
The New Bookshop and Cafe building

New Projects

When Carolyn visited in August 2023 she was able to visit two other areas in South Sudan and work with parents and local leaders to set up Kindergartens  for the local children who have had no access to education. Exisiting community buildings such as churches are being used to house the classes and parents are  paying a small contribution termly to support the  teachers and to  enable the children to have a modest meal of rice and beans each day.

In both areas, Rokon and Awerial, over 200 young children have been registered to attend classes. The long term need is for school buildings as the community buildings they are currenty using aren’t big enough for the number of children wanting to attend.   The children are so excited to be able to go to school and thank all those who have made this possible.
There are many challenges ahead so please follow the link to donate