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Keep Teenage Girls in Yei Safe

Urgent Appeal

Things are difficult for so many people all over the world currently and life in Yei is hard for families
Teenage girls, many of whom are graduates of Immanuel Kindergarten in South Sudan are selling themselves to pay for soap and food for their families. We are now seeking funding for a special education project to help these girls. The majority of young people in South Sudan have only known war, violence and deprivation. Many people in Yei are weak due to the poor quality and limited availability of food and consequently vulnerable to the Covid-19 pandemic and other diseases resulting in high mortality rates, made worse by the lack of sufficient good quality health facilities. Many people are traumatised with the magnitude events they have witnessed leading to a sense of hopelessness. Because all the learning institutions are currently closed because of the Covid-19 pandemic the girls have lots of time creating a dangerous situation for them. Many of the girls are now 'selling themselves' to pay for soap and food for their families often resulting in pregnancies. The Head teacher of the Kindergarten who is leading this initiative said 'The proposal is to use local radio broadcasts and workshops working with girls from the local senior schools in Yei to raise awareness and teach life skills as well as give out soap.
Even if we don't get anywhere near our target any small amount raised will be used to help make a difference to the girls and their families. If you are able to help please follow the link or contact us through: ikindergarten@aol.com



Immanuel Kindergarten

Immanuel Kindergarten was founded in the 1980s to serve the young children of Yei in South Sudan. A long civil war intervened and the children and familes became refugees in Uganda. When they eventually returned to Yei nearly 20 years later with very few belongings a priority was to re open the Kindergarten. The roof was falling in and inside was dark and dreary. The Immanuel Kindergarten charity was founded to work in partnership with the families of Yei to build a new school . 

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In November Carolyn and Claire attended a special joint celebration of ten years education in the new building and the graduation of 140 children who will start primary school in January . After a parade around the area the celebration continued with speeches interspersed with dances, poems and songs from the children and lots of food and cake!! . A great day. Well done Malish and your amazing team!