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Malish Simon headteacher of Immanuel Kindergarten sadly died on Jnauary 4th. He was a loving husband and dad and a man of integrity and vision who committed his life to serving his community and always put others first . His family and the community of Yei as well as Carolyn Kiden and the staff team will miss him more than words can say.
Your vision and legacy will be upheld Malish and we will endeavour to make sure that the school you worked so hard for will thrive in your memory. The many children you loved and served will always remember the foundation you gave them.
Rest in Peace.
  • An exceptional teacher

  • A leader and manger

  • A loving Dad


Fifteen years ago Immanuel Kindergarten In Yei South Sudan moved to a new building funded by Immanuel Kindergarten Charity with 75 children.  There are now 375 squashed into the three classrooms and more children on a long waiting list. As our fifteenth anniversary challenge a small group of us (led by a terrified Carolyn!) will abseil from Denham Carr near Chorley to raise funds to build additional classrooms to give as many children as possible the opportunity for a quality education from an amazing staff team in Yei led by Malish Simon.

Thank you to all those who have so generously supported this challenge so far we have raised an incredible  £6,321.30 !

Its not to late to give and anything you can afford to give will go directly to the project, (nothing is taken for administration or other purposes).

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Immanuel Kindergarten

Immanuel Kindergarten was founded in the 1980s to serve the young children of Yei in South Sudan. A long civil war intervened and the children and familes became refugees in Uganda. When they eventually returned to Yei nearly 20 years later with very few belongings a priority was to re open the Kindergarten. The roof was falling in and inside was dark and dreary. The Immanuel Kindergarten charity was founded to work in partnership with the families of Yei to build a new school . 

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In November Carolyn and Claire attended a special joint celebration of ten years education in the new building and the graduation of 140 children who will start primary school in January . After a parade around the area the celebration continued with speeches interspersed with dances, poems and songs from the children and lots of food and cake!! . A great day. Well done Malish and your amazing team!